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April 30, 2007

FreeTrain Forum Now Online

Filed under: News — charlie @ 12:18 pm

We now have an official forum, powered by phpBB and kindly provided by the people over at

Sign up and get discussing your favourite rail and business simulation game. ;-)

April 29, 2007

Work on the UI & Plugin Pack

Filed under: News — daniel @ 1:31 am

We have recently been joined by Steven Hoefel, a contributor to the TTDPatch project. He has already done some excellent work on adapting the UI to the English translation as well as other tweaks to the game. He has uploaded screenshots of his progress to his personal photo album. See for example this nice shot of FreeTrain’s scheduling system in action! His changes are not in SVN yet, but he has promised to bless the community with a meaty patch soon.

Elsewhere in the news, I have begun work on bringing the “Additional Plugin Set” to the non-Japanese speaking crowd. This is a package containing practically every plugin ever made for FreeTrain, all nicely packaged and documented. The unpacked archive takes up a whooping 124 MB of disk space and contains no less than 233 plugins! These plugins introduces a host of new trains, structures and other goodies. I haven’t had the time to look through them all, but I’ve seen airport terminals, university campuses, and roller coasters, just to mention a few. All this content will take a while to translate, so please be patient! :-)

April 16, 2007

It’s Alive!

Filed under: News — charlie @ 3:36 am

Daniel [himasaram] and Chiname [c477] have combined in spectacular fashion to breathe life into the translated version of FreeTrain.  It lives!  It runs!  Check out this screenshot as evidence.  :-)

April 14, 2007

Major Progress + New Developer

Filed under: News — daniel @ 9:40 pm

There have been some major changes to our source repository since the last post. First out, Charlie located an unofficial FreeTrain branch “FreeTrainEx“, a while ago, featuring a large array of new features that we just couldn’t go without. For this, we have been busy merging the two the last week.  What’s even better, the maintainer of this branch - C477 - has joined the development team! He is currently busy overseeing the final touches to the translation.

We are all working hard to bring you the highest quality and most enjoyable FreeTrain experience there is!

April 8, 2007

Translation complete!

Filed under: News — daniel @ 1:33 am

Good news: I just put the finishing touches on the English translation of FreeTrain! However, since this translation was made without being able to build the modified source to check that the translation fits and makes sense, it is in its current shape without doubt far from perfect.

Right now, I am struggling with getting this to build with SharpDevelop 2.1. Anyone familiar with C# development in general and SharpDevelop in particular, should feel extremely free to give a helping hand!

In the meantime, let’s drool over this gargantuan screenshot of a FreeTrain game in progress…

April 1, 2007

Translator’s diary #5

Filed under: News — daniel @ 7:37 pm

After a major push this weekend, with red eyes and sore wrists as a result, all plugins are completely translated!

Mostly building sets, you will be able to spot a few famous Japanese landmarks in FreeTrain, including Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Mitsui Building, and Osaka Castle.

As of translation work, only the tools/ directory remains. Now, if we only could get this thing running..!