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August 20, 2007

SDL Progress!

Filed under: Devblog — charlie @ 11:01 pm

Steve posted an impressive screenshot in the forums showing his SDL port of FreeTrain.  It’s obviously a WIP but it’s a giant leap in the right direction.  He has had to implement his own widget library from scratch as well as porting all the drawing functions.

The forums suffered a setback when our forum host lost 3 weeks of data.  Fortunately it was a relatively inactive period.  We are assured it won’t happen again.

August 13, 2007

Progress Update

Filed under: News — daniel @ 1:21 am

Here are some highlights of recent FreeTrain developments:

  • Steven is tirelessly continuing his one-man project of porting the whole game to Mono+SDL. It is not a smooth ride, apparently, as the various technologies don’t play well together. Feel free to go give him a helping hand!
  • Forum user Digitalicious has written a realism tutorial that gives some tips on how to add details to your city. It also contains the most gorgeous screenshot ever produced by the English-speaking FreeTrain community!
  • I myself has translated the Hatsumelo or departure bell plugin uploaded by forum user djmaiku. This plugin contains hundreds of little melodies you can assign to your platforms, all recorded from real-life Japanese stations or trains. For all of you who have spent a longer time in Japan, this will be a nostalgia ride!