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March 29, 2007

Translator’s diary #3

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This time I translated a large number of ‘light’ plugins. A bulldozer plugin that allows you to level terrain; a host of plugins that adds various foilage to the world: rivers, creeks, farmland, rice paddies, and forest; plus background music and train bell plugins.

The plugin covers the world with cute trees common to the Japanese scenery: cedar, camphor, ginkgo, pine, maple, and beech. Trees change with the seasons, so each kind of tree has four ’skins’ for the four seasons. See this screenshot from the official site for a nice view of some trees in spring.

FreeTrain’s background music consists of a few MIDI tracks with a separate plugin for making use of original A-Train 4 music if you own the original game.

The train bells all have distinct onomatopoetic names in Japanese: piririri, porororo, puu, and pii. However, I could not think of good English translations, so I simply called them Bell 1-4. Listen to the wavs in and let me know if you can come up with something better!


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