Milestone 1 [Complete]

  • Translate core game to English [done]
  • Translate official plugins to English [done]
  • Fix build process [done]
  • Merge with the FreeTrainEx branch [done]
  • Windows build [done]
  • Setup discussion form [done - link in sidebar]

Milestone 2

  • Get the code running on Mono[WIP]
  • Adapt the UI to the English translation [WIP]
  • Full localization using gettext
  • Restore Japanese locale
  • Translate and integrate contributed plugins set [WIP - first release available]
  • Install gallery software
  • Gameplay tutorials (translated and original) [WIP]

Milestone 3

  • Replace serialization with official save game format
  • Start adding other locales
  • Replace DirectX with SDL [WIP]
  • Investigate WinForms.NET and cross-platform compatability
  • Replace WinForms.NET if necessary
  • Linux build

Future Plans

  • Document plugin creation
  • Hi-res graphics - SVG? 3D vehicles? Scale2x?
  • Build for other platforms - MacOSX, *BSD, OpenSolaris, etc.
  • Add competitive/goal-based game modes
  • Add multiplayer functionality
  • More music & other media