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How You Can Help FreeTrain

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:57 pm
by freegamer
FreeTrain does not just need programmers. There are multiple ways you can help, some as easy as a few minutes of your time:

  • Talk in the forums
    An active commnunity fosters new members better than a stagnant one.

  • Spread the word about FreeTrain
    Try and get new players, let people know through your blog or other forums or news sites etc.

  • Review the game
    Good reviews are a great way to attract new players

  • Submit Bug Reports
    Don't assume that a problem is known about - make sure it's brought to the attention of the community.

  • Documentation
    The more documented the game is, the better, don't forget how tough A-Train was the first time you played! We have a wiki on the freetrain wikia scratchpadbut it's pretty empty:

  • Graphics / Audio
    We need a new logo. New graphics are always welcome. Suitable music would add to the game atmosphere. If you have the skill, create something cool and share it with us. If you don't have the skill, try and share anyway and we'll help you learn.

  • Forum Moderator
    I can't be here that frequently. An active admin/moderation team always helps. If you are up to the task, let me know.

  • Website theme / admin
    We really need a new wordpress theme and/or somebody to take good care of the website.

  • Develop Plugins
    FreeTrain was designed to be very extensible. Have a look at creating plugins - against something that sorely needs documenting.
If you have any questions or ideas or contributions for FreeTrain, please be noisy about them. Most importantly get involved and keep the FreeTrain project alive and well.

Thanks for your time. Please add any suggestions for improving this list.